Both Level one and two Essential Tool workshops successfully took place in the later part of April 2017.

Attended by some 24 participants, insights into the workings of the quadrants were explained and examples shown which ultimately resulted in some wonderful “8” drawings being produced on the closing day.

Both Renate as well as Lisa Wennekes, who between them, translated the course content, making it possible for the students to get to grips with the “meanings” as well experiencing many fun moments, balances and new learning opportunities.

I would also add:

The Essential Tool is a completely new concept; its use is very different to normal kinesiology in that it is essentially an assessment tool. The drawing of the “8” has been inspired by the Lazy8 used in BrainGym® which was founded by Dr Paul Dennison. I use this tool very differently to its use in BrainGym®. Drawing the “8” should be done correctly in terms of seating, position, pencil grip, direction etc. For the assessment to be accurate correct procedures have to be exercised. There is an Intelligence aspect added to the “8”.

Being a new concept can be rather tedious when first learned especially if it involves Pattern recognition. Renate has trained and developed a very fine college of students which added to the majority anchoring the new learning quickly and rapidly, which I believe added to the overall enjoyment of the training. The training facility was comfortable and spacious and I look forward to continue training at the IKL.

Terry Webb
Ceres, South Africa

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