Terry Webb entered the world of Neuroscience in 2006 through two areas; Kinesiology (Touch for Health) and BrainGym®. “Over the past nine years I developed my skills and am now an International Educational Kinesiologist. My goal was to work with children who experience learning difficulties.”

The support of school principals in the Witzenberg Valley, Western Cape, South Africa, enabled Terry to research and formulate an unique programme through his observation of students working in the school environment. By having access to real life situations during his training, Terry identified learning patterns which led to the formation of The Essential Tool which identifies and addresses learning challenges.

The Essential Tool uses drawings of an infinity symbol from which it:

  • Identifies the students’ current academic strengths, capabilities and limitations.
  • Gives the school an indication of the strengths and weaknesses of its students.
  • Gives an indication of the strengths and weaknesses of each grade.
  • Identifies the slow, medium and fast learners.
  • Identifies knowledge retention and information assimilation.
  • Identifies learning imbalances and blocks.
  • Identifies student potential relating to subject choice.
  • Minimises the time needed by teachers to assess their students.
  • Identifies Dyslexia enabling measures to be put in place to correct reading and phonological challenges.
  • Identifies multiple student abilities.
  • Raises teachers’ awareness of the inherent issues in the students’ personal lives.
  • Identifies various symptoms indicative of student absenteeism.
  • Identifies individual learning styles
  • Assesses every child in the classroom.
  • Ensures that each student has the right seating position in the class for optimum learning; according to their learning strengths.
  • Identifies the strengths and weaknesses of the entire class before the start of the year’s curriculum.
  • Enables teachers and headmasters to plan optimum teaching strategies for the students.
  • Allows for integration of the students.
  • Enables teachers to prepare their lessons to accommodate the learning styles of all the students
  • Indicates the academic ability of the students.
  • Closely monitors the student’s educational maturity

The Essential Tool can be used individually, enabling parents to understand and address their child’s learning challenges; or in a group, enabling teachers/coaches/employers to provide the environment condusive to optimising the potential of their students/team/workforce.

Terry currently runs workshops training people to use The Essential Tool enabling them to maximise their students’ potential.