T. Persens (Principal – Boy Muller Primary)

The biggest challenge we face in our education system, is learners who don’t focus on their schoolwork. The reasons and influences why these learners can’t seem to focus on their work is numerous. The current era our children come from and grow up in emotional, social, can’t always be determined by teachers, this is where BrainGym® plays an enormous role. Our educators main focus is on academics, that physical, emotional and cultural realities are never diagnosed.

From 2011, Terry has been involved at our school and our results have improved every year since then. Terry has worked wonders with our learners, his motivation and daily exercises plays a vital role in their holistic outlook on life.

BrainGym® is a necessity for our school and truly helps our learners with a positive, focused outlook on life. Unfortunately we don’t have the funds to pay for these services.

If an organisation is willing to donate money towards this programme, we will appreciate it.

Thanks again.

Michelle Bester – South Africa

I still continue to use the work… and have with the process helped about 700 students at university level.

Renate Vornhusen – Germany

I attended both classes at Terry In Damme (Germany) and then worked with my piano and cello students at the beginning of teaching with the eight. A very big success! Thanks, Terry. On the homepage of the institute for kinesiological teaching in damme, I was able to publish an article. Click here to read the full article in German.

Mona K. Al – Fajem (Saudi Arabia)

A big thank you to Terry and his work. Just returned from 2 exciting weeks of teaching, learning and sessions in Cairo. There was little time to collect Lazy8 drawings, as my sponsor was giving only one hour slots for children sessions and a little bit more for adults. So I used the Lazy8 drawings which we made in the breaks to get the best balance for some of the ladies. Using the indicating meridians and accompanying affirmations, this work was spot on and hitting bird’s eye each time resulted in some amazing results and changes in each of them. My Egyptian sponsor, a psychiatrist who is an associate Professor in a well-known US university and whom I met only once when she came to me with her daughter with special needs (who is the reason she lives in US as education and treatment offers more options in US) had complete trust in me when she left me with the assignment not only to teach the ‘girls’ (mums or therapists of kids with special needs), but rather to assist them to grow and take the course primarily as a self-development tool and only secondary as something to ‘treat’ their children with. Well, mission accomplished, more than expected and this is thanks to the quick yet deep view into a person’s areas for growth through The Essential Tool.

Chantel Geldenhuys:

At the beginning of this year, the first quarter of the school year, my son who is currently in grade 3, was on the brink of failure. In fact, he failed mathematics, and was on the point of failing his first and second language. Home work, was a serious battle in our home. My son was frustrated because he could not understand the work. I was frustrated because I didn’t know how to help him.

A friend recommended that I should take hime to Terry. I did not know wat to expect, and was a little confused because my son was only given a few exercises to do daily. Although we didn’t understand it, we chose to trust the process, and did the exercises every day, for 9 weeks.

My son’s first report card from school since we started with these exercises, showed much improvement in all the subjects. But, even more importantly, he is much more confident in doing his schoolwork. He is enthusiastic about his homework, and on days when there is none, he take a book and practices his reading… all of this without us having to argue, or me having to nag about school work.

Thank you so much Terry, for helping to get to a better place. We will continue with what you taught us, and I will update you about his progress.

Mr. G.C. Faroa

As a new teacher at Ceres Secondary School I was introduced to Terry Webb’s programme.

I was involved at a Grade 10 class with disciplinary and academic problems. Even though I was sceptical about Terry’s programme, I decided to give it a chance. Every morning my students did their excercises. At the beginning they only did this because the whole school was involved.

After the second term, I noticed a clear progression with most students’ academic progress as well as their discipline. They were more focused their discipline improved.

I believe the programme made a huge impact with my students’ academic progress. Terry is on the right path with his programme and other students will also benefit by this.

I thank Terry for his investment with our students and wish him success with what he wants to achieve.

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